Camille-Rose Culbangen
Camille. Filipino. 20. NY. Nursing. Preston '11. CMSV '15. (:
I like to take pictures of moments from my life. But the BEST moments cannot be captured on a camera.
So go ahead! Get to know me! I won't bite :D

Life is a journey. Let's go explore. <3


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Happy birthday to my day 1 nigga! Down since diapers! 😘✊
Happy birthday to the girl I keep forgetting about πŸ™Š! The girl who made me a beautiful pageant girl! The girl who has all the patience in the world to teach me a 3min dance routine lol MY BLACKAPINO! @sherise93 😘 Tehehe I love you &amp; at least I didn&#8217;t forget your birthday! Lol have an amazing day beautiful!
I&#8217;m such a morning person lol  (at Wakefield Medical Professionals PC)
Ready to go back! 😁 #itsmorefuninthephilippines
Naturally I&#8217;m the ONLY ASIAN at the party. (&amp; I&#8217;m the youngest there) cool. Lol πŸ‘²βœŒοΈ (at putnam valley)
Cheers to the freaking weekend🍹
#shots #nofireballforme #vodka πŸ˜‚ (at putnam valley)
Whadduppp ✌️
I&#8217;m so fancy, you already know! I&#8217;m in the fast lane! From &#8220;Manila&#8221; to Tokyo! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ (at Tokyo, Japan)
Art is good for the soul 🎎✌️ (at Tokyo, Japan)
Idk what&#8217;s with Asians &amp; their chopsticks but yummmm yumm! Udon! πŸŽŽπŸ‘²βœŒοΈ (at Tokyo, Japan)
Snuck a picture of this gorgeous temple interior! It&#8217;s so huge! That&#8217;s not even ½ of the inside! I had to take off my shoes &amp; walk around in socks. Tehehehe 🎎🎌
Walking down an old Japanese village street. I&#8217;m getting a flashback to the times of geishas. 🎎🎎 (at Tokyo, Japan)
Japanese temples are so colorful &amp; vibrant!  (at Tokyo, Japan)
Spotted: SAMAHAN in Japan! Cheesin hard like a true Asian! (at Somon Gate)
Konichiwa from Japan! πŸ™πŸ‘²βœŒοΈ (at Tokyo, Japan)