I like the view from up here (at The New York Botanical Garden)
at The New York Botanical Garden
Some roses from #NYBG 🌺🌷 (at Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden At The New York Botanical Garden)
#seton #senioryear #seniors
Happy birthday chocolate man! @jepprrox thank you for always being an amazing friend! Miss you lots! Hurry up & be a pharmacist so you can give me drugs!💊💉 LOL JK! Good luck with everything! Love you! ❤️
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To my FIRST friend in college @melldozaa !!!! I love you oh so much & I hope you have an AMAZING DAY! (Well you’re seeing me later lmao) don’t forget I’m always here for you ! To be a shoulder to cry on, a friend to lean on, a a nigha who will pull you out of oncoming traffic! Im forever grateful for you because you bring smiles, laughs & muscles into my life 💪. Thank you for always being there for me, for being an inspiration, my dance partner, my gym buddy my everything ❤️ MAHAL KITA (sorry you’re getting your present late)
YAAAY! Day = 100x better
Another day in maternity. #nursing  #senioryear
#KCamPictureChallenge 😁🙊
I miss spellsss
I miss spellsss
Close enough … #PSL #Starbucks
It’s almost(?) football season! 🏈 (at Pioneer Supermarket)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @jgonzalesx3 !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ my heart & soul! The girl I run to not only to pay for my food at spellman or to nap in her dorm. But the girl I run to for a good time, for a shoulder to cry on, to go to the gym with, to go be fat with, for anything & EVERYTHING! You’re really someone I look up to & I can’t imagine my life without you. It would completely suck without you. I know you live in queens & I’m in the Bronx but we make this long distance relationship work.. LOL but now were in school together so I can hold your hand ALL THE TIME! Haha. Nah but really. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me & thank you for being my co-chef for our class family dinners & always making me laugh & being my gym/zoo/adventure buddy. I love you so much. You deserve EVERYTHING the world has to offer. & remember I’m always here for you. #TeamJenniferAnn