Camille-Rose Culbangen
Camille. Filipino. 20. NY. Nursing. Preston '11. CMSV '15. (:
I like to take pictures of moments from my life. But the BEST moments cannot be captured on a camera.
So go ahead! Get to know me! I won't bite :D

Life is a journey. Let's go explore. <3


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Easter shenanigans continued&#8230; The boys being tools, selfie on selfieeee, bonfire fun &amp; the never ending volleyball game lol.  (at Paramus, New Jersey)
Easter: family, friends, music, a bonfire, s&#8217;mores &amp; a hot tub (at Paramus, New Jersey)
Volleyball on Easter 😁☺️ (at Paramus, New Jersey)
Let there be light πŸ™
Church ready! 😁 #EasterVigil #Choir
Awkward pose. Beautiful tree.  (at The New York Botanical Garden)
Ladies &amp; gentlemen.. One of our stars of barrio! @jennymangopie
There&#8217;s something about the sound of a waterfall that&#8217;s relaxing ☺️ (at The New York Botanical Garden)
Hey everyone! I want to cordially invite you all to SAMAHAN&#8217;s 2014 Barrio Fiesta! It&#8217;s my first time writing &amp; directing a musical so it would be awesome if you could all come! April 27,2014 at CMSV. Dinner served at 5 &amp; show is at 7! Need any more details? Just shoot me a message! #BehindTheScenes #Barrio #Barrio2014

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